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Keeping motivated throughout term

21 November 2018

3 mins

I assume every student gets to a point in their academic journey where they ultimately feel lethargic and unwilling to keep up with the hectic pace of life at university. The purpose of this post is to give you tips on how to maintain a healthy mind and find the internal motivation to push through.

The average student starts university with a bang, trying to be on top of all requirements, going to lectures and attempting to do readings. Somehow this fire burns out and we end up finding it harder to go to lectures, feeling inert and unable to do course readings.

Talk to your friends or to Student Support

When you initial start losing motivation, you tend to think you’re alone by yourself or no one else understands. Permit me to burst your bubble but you are not alone, you are never alone. Talk to your friends, they probably feel the same way and talking about it allows you to reignite your fire and feel less lonely.

Student Services will have someone willing to talk to you about how you’re feeling and give you advice. Remember “a problem shared is a problem halved”

Discover yourself

People tend to feel less motivated when they lose purpose or forget their “why”. Why are you going to university?  What do you enjoy doing? What excites you about your modules? How can you make the most out of your time?

These are the questions that you should ponder over as they will give you insight on where your heart and journey lie. Remembering your “why” helps motivate you which is very important to break the cycle of being unwilling to put in the work.

Take part in several events that the university provides, be more active as living a sedentary lifestyle allows you to fall into a dark abyss of demotivation. Explore nearby cities and towns avoid spending your whole day in the confines of your room.

Reward yourself

After pushing yourself day in and day out what do you have to look forward to? This is another reason people lose motivation.

Create personal rewards for yourself when you complete a task to make it more interesting you can involve your friends and turn it into a competition. Set achievable goals and when you accomplish them have a reward for yourself.

Maybe have a day off from anything stressful or go to the cinema. Anything that doesn’t involve work, this technique will ensure you remain consistent.


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