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An unforgettable Loughborough winter

Hi everyone! I’m Alice, a new blogger for Loughborough University and I’m in my first year studying Industrial Design & Technology and I also have a love for languages.

I will be writing a variety of blogposts, from tips when learning a language and managing exam stress, to talking about what has happened over the past month in Loughborough. As my first blogpost I decided to talk about spending December in Loughborough as it was definitely unforgettable.

When someone asks me to describe my last few months at Loughborough, my first thought is “wow, where to start?”. For this blogpost I’m going to talk about December in particular. December in Loughborough was always going to include a huge variety of Christmas activities – it’s a must-have, especially when the 25th is rapidly approaching.

To start the month off, we had some snow! Although some may be used to seeing snow, where I’m from (in the South East) it’s a sight to cherish. Snowball fights, giant snowmen and the several attempts to ice skate across the path were only a few things that could be seen on campus.

Nevertheless, Loughborough was definitely the place to be. There was a Christmas market, ice skating rink and even hot food stalls to get us even more into the Christmas spirit. I also went along to the Christmas carol service both by the Hazelrigg fountain and in Emmanuel Church where LSU Classical and LSU Sing did a beautiful performance and reminded us just how important it is to come together in times of need and celebrate the festive season.

The Globe Café also held a Christmas themed evening; full of music, games- not forgetting the food! It was such a great experience to meet so many new people from different cultures and just have a good time, forgetting all your worries

More recently, the Language Action project held their very own Secret Santa where we all got the opportunity to not only receive but also give a gift which was traditional to our culture. I received a box of Taiwanese food; not only was it from a great friend but she had also ordered it from Taiwan just for me, showing me the value of true friendship.

Overall, December in Loughborough has been an incredible experience. Not only does it mark the end of 2017 and my first semester of University, but it has also put me in a positive spirit to start the new year.

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Hi, I’m Alice and I’m a 1st year Industrial Design & Technology student with a passion for design and languages.