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What made my 2018 so special

2018 was an eventful year for me, many things happened- from starting my second year at University, to going to Colombia to visit my boyfriend. I think a yearly review is always important to reflect and hopefully you can gain an insight as well. 

Making the most of the summer holidays

In this blog post I’ll be talking about what I did over the summer holidays. Sun, sea, sand and ice-cream- what more could you want! Not only did I get up to lots but I also had lots of amazing opportunities which hopefully will inspire you or give you a few ideas of some of […]

What to expect in your first few weeks of university

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is flying by and already the time when you’ll start University is soon approaching. What will University be like? Will I fit in? What will there be to do? All these questions were flooding my mind before starting, so today I’m writing to give you a little head’s up before […]

What to do in times of stress

So once again, I’ll be writing a blog post aimed at helping those with exams and big deadline hand-ins due to being exam season, and ultimately the time when students experience the highest stress levels. This time I wanted to write about what to do when it all just gets too much, and you feel […]

How to keep motivated throughout the year

We’re now coming to the end of the university year and with that comes deadlines and exams. I know how hard some people can find it to keep motivated throughout the year, especially when the sun is out to distract us and it’s so close to the holidays!

An Easter in France

This month I thought I’d write about what I did over the Easter Holidays and how we celebrate it with my family in France. I haven’t seen my French family for almost a year so it was a great opportunity to get to spend some time with them whilst celebrating an event such as Easter.

An unforgettable Loughborough winter

Hi everyone! I’m Alice, a new blogger for Loughborough University and I’m in my first year studying Industrial Design & Technology and I also have a love for languages.