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What to do in times of stress

19 June 2018

3 mins

So once again, I’ll be writing a blog post aimed at helping those with exams and big deadline hand-ins due to being exam season, and ultimately the time when students experience the highest stress levels. This time I wanted to write about what to do when it all just gets too much, and you feel a little helpless with the workload.

During exams, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work and revision that needs to be done, leading to stress. These are my tips for controlling this and getting yourself back on track in a calm and peaceful way.

  1. Go outside

Normally it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you get out of that stuffy room and get into the fresh air. Nature often looks most beautiful when you are just observing it with pure eyes and with the swishing of the breeze and the gentle rays of sun coming out, it’s sure to help you relax in no time. Sometimes it’s best to just walk with no music, no distractions and just take in everything through your senses to forget about the worries of work.

  1. Make a brew

This is the typical English rescue to a stressful situation. Stop what you’re doing and go and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee (don’t forget the biscuits!) and just spend a moment reflecting, without focusing on what needs to be done or your worries. Take it as a moment to spend with yourself and a moment to take a break before getting back to revision. It’ll help you feel refreshed and will make those long hours of studying more bearable.


  1. Set yourself small, achievable targets (with rewards!)

Setting out a list of goals and targets before you start is a way to ensure that you are working effectively and don’t spend time procrastinating because you’re not sure what to do next. You could even give yourself regular rewards to keep you powering on! We’ve all seen that Facebook post with the person who placed chocolate bars on every page as motivation to continue. I’m not saying make it as extreme, but the principle could actually work. By allowing yourself to have a 5-minute break every few pages or rewarding yourself as you go, it makes a large task much more approachable.

  1. Do something completely unrelated to work

Whether it be playing a musical instrument or doing some sport, it’s important to break up your day with non-work-related activities. This will keep your mind off exams and revision and will give your mind a rest. Make the most of it and go to some of the events held at Loughborough Students’ Union, such as board games night for the Homesickness Campaign. On Monday as part of LSU Action, I walked dogs from a kennel – anything just to keep your mind off studying! Spend at least 1 hour a day doing something that you enjoy, to keep yourself feeling happy and motivated, as well as keeping you sane!

Overall, when it comes to exams – don’t panic! Everyone feels the same and if you follow some of these tips, hopefully, they’ll help you feel fresh, motivated and happy during the exam season.

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