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Things to do at Loughborough if you love languages and cultures

This month I wanted to write about a big passion of mine… languages! I’m half French and am fluent in English (native), French and Spanish and am currently learning Italian. I’ve met quite a few language lovers in Loughborough so hopefully, this blog will be interesting to those who share a love for different cultures.

Globe Café

Firstly, I’ll talk about the Globe Café. This runs every Monday and is a great opportunity to meet new people as well as explore your love for cultural cuisine. Every week a different person cooks, and this is free and open for anyone to attend. So far, we’ve had Chinese food to celebrate the new year, Italian pasta, French crepes and Japanese food. It’s a delicious way to meet new people, and try food from around the world.

Action – Language Support Scheme

Secondly, I have to mention the Language Action Project. Every Wednesday, this is a chance for you to teach your language, or learn a language from other native speakers. A wide variety of languages are currently being taught; Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish and German.

This is what I most look forward to every week! I’ve been going to teach French and Spanish, and my wonderful friends Sofia and Silvia have been helping me learn Italian. It’s an amazing chance to learn a language in an informal chit-chat manner. Jaeyoon, who runs the Action Project is also so enthusiastic and encouraging just to top it off. I definitely recommend!

Optional Modules

Thirdly, if you are in a year where optional modules are available, you can opt to choose a language module, worth 10 credits. Languages such as French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are available, so it’s a great way to integrate languages into your studies. It’s also a good way to support your studies, especially if you are thinking about Erasmus+, a study abroad programme – and another bonus point if you love languages!

Students’ Union Events

Lastly, Loughborough hosts so many events which are perfect if you have an interest in other cultures. In February the Union hosted an event to promote International enterprise and there was a chance to have a South American dinner in Cognitos. We got to try Yuca, churros and chimichurri – what’s not to love. This month we had the Italian society meet up and the screening of a typical Italian film ‘Life Is Beautiful’ at the Flix Cinema. Make sure to keep an eye out for different film viewings as in January there was a Bollywood film night and this month there is a Hollywood theme.

The Globe Café- Starts 7: 30 pm every Monday (Top floor EHB)
Language-Action Project- Starts 6 pm every Wednesday (Normally in J203 EHB)
Check out my YouTube channel for some language related videos.

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