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Part-time work: maths, cocktails and purple t-shirts

5 September 2018

4 mins

“About 3,150,000,000” search results came up in Google for “how to find part-time work”. 20,000,000 search hits for “Loughborough part-time work” …. so why are you still reading this blog post? Since you are still reading, I’ll tell you about my personal experiences through Loughborough part-time work, doing everything from working in a bar to teaching mathematics.

Student Ambassadors and Mentoring

I could not be prouder to wear that purple t-shirt as part of Loughborough’s student ambassador team

It all started by accident in June 2015, when I got asked to support a Materials Engineering Open Day, because all of the normal tour guides were on holidays or busy! It went splendidly and I really enjoyed it, so my colleagues there suggested that I apply for a Student Ambassador position with the university.

After a short online application, I interviewed with the lovely School and College Liaison team, who asked me to talk about my passion for the Loughborough experience and complete an exercise answering some potential visitor questions. My first ever student ambassador job was a campus tour for a group of 15-year-olds, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. Since then, I’ve supported art exhibitions, champagne receptions, called prospective students and lead on school activities. I’ve even accidentally met one of my old teachers on a tour (see photo)!

You will fit the ambassador family if you are proud of Loughborough, passionate about higher education, are outgoing and friendly.

In the past I have also tutored mathematics and STEM through University-led mentoring schemes or as a freelance tutor. It is relatively simple to find these jobs either through a dedicated tutoring website or through advertisements around University.

Hospitality jobs – restaurants, bars, and shops

In January 2014 I applied to work as ‘venue staff’ at the Student’s Union entertainment venue together with my friends, as it seemed like an incredibly fun part-time job to complement my studies. The main selling point? Free queue-jump entry on your off-nights and working with your friends…. It is really just as good as it sounds. During the time that I worked there, we were required to work at least one out of the two primary nights out – a Wednesday or a Friday, but it was possible to switch shifts with other colleagues if you wanted a day off.

The work itself was great – tending the bar, preparing drinks, selling tickets at the front door… Except for a few long nights, this was a blast and I’ve learned a lot about customer service through this job – would recommend! You can apply online multiple times a year through the LSU website.

There are also jobs available in the LSU shops, such as the Purple Onion, and also the Starbucks on site. Finally, I recommend looking out for hospitality jobs with Burleigh court or other hotels, pubs or restaurants around Loughborough, even if that means popping in and speculatively offering to leave your CV behind the bar! Trust me, I’ve done that before…

Over my placement year in Bristol, I worked part-time at the best pizzeria in town, doing everything from serving the customers and throwing pizzas in the air to spending the evening cycling around Bristol on our bright red delivery bike.

Postgrad Opportunities

A number of my friends are postgraduates and have had the opportunity to get involved in postgraduate-specific employment during their studies. One of the best schemes is the sub-warden job. This comes with a luscious deal of free accommodation and some meals in return for the responsibility of monitoring and taking care of a group of students living in university halls. As a postgraduate, there are also opportunities for teaching courses within your department or working as a receptionist or similar.

Sports careers

Loughborough will always be linked to sports and greatly supports the development of your career in the sports industry. The primary point of contact is the Coaching and Volunteering Academy, which often asks for unpaid volunteers for tournaments big and small. Depending on your qualifications and the University’s policies, you may also find part-time work as a referee externally through local sports bodies.

Finally, if you need a push to get involved in university life, join the Loughborough Employability Award scheme, which can open up a host of paid and unpaid opportunities to you, such as mentoring younger students or applying for volunteer leadership positions.

You can start your job search through:

For graduate jobs and summer internships, I recommend:

  • Loughborough University’s incredible Careers Network, which helps out with applications, interviews, job searches, and sponsors the Loughborough Employability Award.
  • And the student-oriented job-search websites, such as TargetJobs, GBR, or Milkround are also great.
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