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Life after Loughborough – the master’s question

Studying for a master’s degree might not be for you. You may be itching to go into the real world and truly ‘make a difference’. Or maybe to start saving for a house. Perhaps even to take a year off to start your professional Instagram career while traveling around Laos.

Part-time work: maths, cocktails and purple t-shirts

“About 3,150,000,000” search results came up in Google for “how to find part-time work”. 20,000,000 search hits for “Loughborough part-time work” …. so why are you still reading this blog post? Since you are still reading, I’ll tell you about my personal experiences through Loughborough part-time work, doing everything from working in a bar to […]

UCAS Clearing – 4 years later!

July 2014. Refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh… Keep on clicking, waiting for the results to show up on the front page. Heart racing, but no doubt that I will get my predicted marks. Refreshing for that coveted message of “YOU ARE GOING TO YOUR FIRM CHOICE UNIVERSITY”.

Work hard, play often?

Hammocks in the library? Revision lectures in the pub? Sure, start-up culture and modern company values imply office ping-pong tournaments and free beer in the name of “work-life balance”, but what does that magic buzzword mean… and should I care. For this blog post, I’ve consulted some of my friends and colleagues on their methods […]

Eat healthy, stay wealthy

Eating in university is difficult. Okay, fine, cooking is difficult. Okay, maybe the part where you’re an average broke student, who doesn’t want to cook nor know how to is difficult. Or maybe you simply don’t have time to go to Tesco where you can afford vegetables and end up spiralling down the dark path […]

Learning engineering through practice

Exciting industrial trips, cool laboratories and fun projects are all highly valuable to engineering education – a little bit about these at Loughborough in this post!

First blog ever – about me!

I originally come from Russia, the land of bears and babushkas, but grew up in Prague, which conveniently qualifies me for Russian-Czech spy outfit as go-to fancy dress.