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Introducing Piers

Hi, I’m Piers – A second year English student here at Loughborough University. This year has presented me with new challenges, exciting experiences and even more great memories that I hope to share with you over the next twelve months!

Introducing Tara

Hi guys, I’m Tara, a new Student Ambassador and first-time blogger. I’m a first year studying Industrial Design and Technology, living in Bill Mo (William Morris halls) and loving every minute.

Introducing Emma

I’m a mature student, which sounds like I’m really old. I’m only a couple of years off the big 3-0 so still very sprightly, only requiring a mid afternoon siesta and comfortable shoes.

Introduction Miranda

Hello everyone! My name is Miranda and I am in my Second Year studying Graphic Communication and Illustration at Loughborough University.

Introducing Jessica

Hey, my name is Jessica and I’m a 2nd year PhD student. I study part time so my course is expected to last 5 years.

On the other side of things

Having already completed nearly half of my placement, I thought I would share my experience of being on the ‘other’ side of university life.

Pilkington, my old friend

As ever, the festive winter break went by in a flash. A chilled family Christmas at home, followed by a somewhat-less-chilled New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam, and I was back at Uni before I knew it.

Introducing Niamh

Hello all! Welcome to my first blog! I hope all of you reading this had a special Christmas and New Year whatever you got up to.

Introducing Lauren

Hello! I’m Lauren and for the next 12 months I will (fingers crossed) be giving you an insightful and entertaining look into life as a Loughborough University student.