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Farewell to Tom

Going to start this off by saying this is my last blog entry, so thank you to everyone that’s read it over the last 12 months!

Goose Fair

October blog

Hey guys! I hope all the freshers are settling in well to Loughborough life. The first few weeks can pass in a bit of a blur and I’ve had a pretty hectic first week as well.

Advice for freshers and festival season

It’s getting towards the end of summer which means University will be restarting and I’ll moving back to Loughborough. For you lucky ones, you’ll be starting your first year at Loughborough! Moving in and your first few days can be very daunting but try to make the most of it as the first few weeks […]

August blog

Hello everyone! Got to start this off by saying that I hope that A-Level results day went well for those that had them and there were no problems!

Fun in the sun

 The last month has been amazing! Been so good to not have any exams and be able to chill out stress free. At this moment in time results are only a few days away. They turn them around much quicker than during sixth form which is much better.

laptop and revision notes

Exams at Loughborough explained

Bit of an advance warning, this won’t be the most exciting blog entry you’ve ever read. The last month or so has been exam and revision central for everyone at Loughborough. I’ve had 4 exams so far, with one left in a few days of writing this; struggling for motivation but looking forward to being […]

Leaving Loughborough for Easter

March at Loughborough signifies one thing- the end of term!! Not that I’m happy to leave Luffs for a month, but everyone was looking forward to some time off. While writing this I only have a few days left of the Easter break so I’m wondering where all that time went; although I am really […]

Why Loughborough?

As many of you may soon be choosing your first choice and insurance university, I’ll start this off with why I chose Loughborough.

Introducing Tom

I’m a first year student studying Economics and Management with the option of taking a placement year in industry. I’ve really enjoyed my first six months at Loughborough and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you over the next year.