Find out how to become a secondary school teacher

Your final year is a busy one and you will be thinking about your future career and how you are going to use that hard-earned degree.

Have you thought about training to be a PHYSICS TEACHER IN A SECONDARY SCHOOL?  You were probably inspired by some of your teachers in school and it was that inspiration which got you where you are today.

There is a MASSIVE SHORTAGE OF GOOD PHYSICS TEACHERS …………… so much so that the government will pay you a TAX FREE BURSARY OF UP TO £20,000 during your training year.    This also means that there are many opportunities for people who are qualified physics teachers.

Loughborough University has one of the best teacher training courses in the country (rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted ) so with a physics based degree, and a teacher training qualification from Loughborough, your career could be ready for lift-off.

Last year all of our newly qualified physics teachers had a job by September.

Come and find out more

WHEN: Thursday 21 February 2013, 6.00-7.00pm

WHERE: Room W2.19 Sir David Davies building

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