Social Enterprise Challenge


The Social Enterprise Challenge is a chance for young people to gain essential skills to equip them for the world of work, whilst promoting a worthwhile cause. Teams choose an organisation or person that deserves recognition. They run a campaign to promote this cause, getting people to leave messages of support/thanks messages on their campaign page on


Get spotted by exciting businesses looking for young talent

Develop entrepreneurial and business skills

Network with successful entrepreneurs

Help others and your community

Add real experience to your CV

Win cash and other prizes

The Challenge

The Challenge runs for 6 weeks, from Monday February 3rd: REGISTER

Teams run a campaign to get public support for a particular cause they think deserves thanks. The team is run like a mini business with team member’s assigned specific roles (Team Leader, PR Officer, Marketing Officer, Market Research Officer, Sponsorship Officer, and Sales Officer). Each role has a personal online training programme which helps to guide the members through their offline campaign.


Teams encouraged to find a mentor to help them through the challenge. The mentor is a business person with the experience and skills to guide the team where needed. The mentor will meet with the teams and provide support and guidance.


To secure their place, teams must pay a £60 deposit. They are then encouraged to find a sponsor to pay £250(+VAT) so that their deposit can be refunded. We have tips on how to find a sponsor, but if a team fails to find a sponsor, Rise To will cover the rest of the cost and the team may still compete.


The winning team wins £2000. Outstanding individuals in all roles are also recognised for their achievements.

Previous Years Winners

ThanksTo is a not for profit platform centred around improving employability in young people

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