Direct your Future Programme

direct_your_futureFor 2014 Loughborough University finalists who have yet to consider their career plans or secure a job, to engage with the Careers and Employability Centre for up to six months after graduating. Finalists will develop skills and knowledge to enhance their employability skills and move confidently through the recruitment process for a job or further study.

The Programme

The programme of activity will involve individual careers advice and consultation sessions, action planning, recruitment support and a one day workshop on 10th June 2014. Once you leave Loughborough, we will keep in touch with you regularly via telephone and email to catch up on your career activity and provide you with any further support and guidance. The programme is offered for up to six months after graduation.


The criteria for taking part in the Direct Your Future Programme are detailed below. Statements from either a), b) or c) and d) should apply to you:-

a)     You have not considered your employment or further study options

b)     You have started the application process but are yet to secure employment orfurther study

c)     You feel you may face barriers through the application process and when moving into a workplace or education environment. Barriers may include but are not limited to: a disability, mental health, special requirements, criminal record, academic outcomes.

d)     You will be looking for help and support with career planning and be available for four to six months after graduation.

Places are available to finalists from a range of courses and departments

How to apply

Please complete a short application form by Friday 9th May 2014 via the Careers and Employability Centre’s online booking system

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