Decathlon Recruitment Event

Decathlon, Sports Designer, Manufacturer and Retailer is at Loughborough to recruit students particularly our  international students for roles in China, India, Russia, France, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Decathlon welcomes students from any discipline, in particular Sports, Business/Economics, Engineering and Materials.

Roles they are recruiting for are :

  • Store department manager(China, Brazil, Russia)
  • Communication responsible(China)
  • Retail supply chain leader(China)
  • Senior product designer (China)
  • Digital project leader (China)
  • Accountant(China)
  • Production leader(France, China, Brazil, India, Russia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia)
  • Product Engineer(France, China, Brazil, India, Russia)

Meet  Decathlon for a presentation on 21st October 2014  6pm BRI.2.08 Bridgeman then 9a.15 am  to start the recruitment event.

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