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DJ Society | Focus Series

Jack, chair of DJ Society, shares how his society showcases the best of student DJ talent. If your passion lies with live techno and house music, drop these guys a line. 

AU Volleyball l Focus Series

Jessica talks about her experience as a member of AU Volleyball. If you are interested in joining them, make sure you don’t miss their trials on the 5th October!  

French Society | Focus Series

Marina, the Chair of French Society, tells us her plans for the society this upcoming year. She talks about how their community helps to overcome homesickness and all the activities they organise for society members.  

Computer Society l Focus Series

We talk to Abby about all things Computer Society. This society hosts large scale LAN events, and boasts the largest student run LAN in the country. If you’re a tech wizard or a complete novice, they’d love to meet you at this year’s Freshers Bazaar.  

LSUTV l Focus Series

We talk to Craig, LSUTV‘s Station Manager, who shares all the details on this section of LSU Media. If you fancy being on the big screen, or behind the camera, then this section of LSU is well worth looking into!  

Loughborough Marrow Society l Focus Series

We talk to Pippa, President of the Loughborough Marrow Society, a society which works alongside Anthony Nolan to sign people up to the stem cell donor register. They’re also the society who helped break records as part of the University’s Spit Happens event earlier this year.

Cocktail Society l Focus Series

We hear from Jasmine, Chair of the Cocktail Society. She talks about what life as a member is like, and the different events members get involved in. If you’d like to learn the art of cocktail making, then this society might be the gin to your tonic!  

Salsa Society l Focus Series

We speak to Katherine from the Salsa Society all about what makes the society so fun, friendly and exciting! If you’re looking to learn a new skill, improve your fitness, or perform – then why not say hello at this year’s Freshers Bazaar!  

Open Minds Society l Focus Series

Toyah from the Open Minds Society tells us all about her experience as a member, and how it’s defined her Loughborough experience.    

AU Squash l Focus Series

Alex from the AU Squash Club tells us what it’s like to be a member and remembers some of his best moments in the club. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Squash Club would love to see you at this year’s Freshers Bazaar!