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This Week at Loughborough | 20th January 2020

Featured Keep Calm Week 20 – 24 Jan | Across campus Keep Calm Week at LSU starts on Monday with lots of activities to keep you calm through upcoming exams and deadlines! Look out for events such as Puppy Petting, Mindfulness Sessions and Dog Walking throughout the week. Puppy Petting: Monday 20th & Friday 20th […]

You’ve got this: Top nutrition tips for exams and deadlines

Chris McLeod, PhD researcher (School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences), and Deputy Officer for LSU Welfare & Diversity, gives us his top tips for nutrition across the often stressful exams and deadlines period. Eat before exams If you haven’t eaten for hours before an exam and then sit a long exam, you are going […]

This Fortnight at Loughborough | 6th January 2020

Featured Inaugural Lecture: Professor Claudia Eberlein – Quantum wonders for the real world 15 Jan | 4:30 – 6pm | WPT001, West Park Teaching Hub For a few examples of simple quantum systems, Claudia will explain how physicists describe them, why they are interesting, and what distinguishes them from “normal” or classical systems. She will also […]

You’ve got this! Revision and coursework advice

With exams and coursework deadlines coming up, university might seem a little overwhelming. It might be tricky to know where to start, so we’ve come up with 6 top study tips to try and help you survive the next couple of months. Planning During exams and coursework deadline season you can feel overwhelmed and stressed. […]

2019 #LboroFamily round-up: our alumni!

Each year we like to celebrate the brilliant achievements of our alumni across the globe. Throughout 2019, we have seen lots of successes for the #LboroFamily and our alumni community. Here are some of our highlights! January Seven alumni had a superb start to the year as they were recognised for their work across sports, […]

World Mental Health Day Events on Campus | 10th October 2019

Featured Mental Health Mates Walk 10th October | 1-2pm | Meet at Hazlerigg/Rutland Fountain ‘Mental Health Mates’ is a national network of peer support groups, who meet regularly to walk and talk without fear or judgement. Loughborough University will be the very first university to hold a Mental Health Mates walk for both staff and […]

Preparing for results day

The run up to results day can be a difficult time. Even if you are feeling confident about your results, it’s a good idea to research your options and make a plan for the day, so you can take control depending on the outcome.

We want your inspiring stories

This year over graduation, we’re looking to share inspiring stories of our graduating students.

Graduation – what happens on the day?

Graduation is one of the most exciting days of the university experience and it’s filled with celebration! With so many different things going on it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We don’t want you to miss a thing so we’ve put together a list of things to remember and outlined the timings of the day.