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Making the most of a study break

Mid-exam season and all students are busy studying. However, working all day 24/7 isn’t always the best way to get work done and you may find yourself feeling even less motivated. A key way to avoid this is to take breaks whilst studying as it will help your mind recharge. Here are our top tips on […]

Study Advice

January is a busy month for all students, with exams and coursework due it can be hard to stay on top of everything. We’ve come up with some top tips that will help you manage your workload and studies.

Exam Preparation

Exam season can be stressful and not knowing what to do on the day can create unnecessary stress. That is why it is good to be prepared and ready for them beforehand.

Look back on our amazing 2018 alumni achievements

Every year we celebrate the fantastic achievements of our alumni around the world. This year has seen more success for the #LboroFamily and our alumni community. Here are some of our 2018 highlights.

Why you should volunteer at university

Each year, thousands of students get involved in the diverse volunteering opportunities at Loughborough. There are countless projects to take part in, such as working with the elderly, coaching sport, or even volunteering overseas.

Recent grads share their favourite Loughborough cafés

The first Saturday of December is dedicated to recognising and supporting small, local businesses. At first glance, you might miss the hidden treasures that Loughborough has to offer. However, it is full of amazing small businesses that are definitely worth trying whilst you’re in town.