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Make the most of your #LboroOpenDay

18 June 2018

3 mins

If you’re visiting us on an Open Day this year, you’ve got a rare opportunity to really explore what life at Loughborough is truly all about. Come rain or shine, we’ll be ready to welcome you, showing you behind the scenes of our outstanding campus, award-winning student experience, and so much more.

With that in mind, here are a few of our hints and tips to getting the most out of our open day this year.

Make your voice heard

This is a rare chance to speak with our students & tutors face to face. They’ll be able to tell you what life – academic, and social – is really like at Loughborough. Remember – they’re 100% there to help, so don’t shy away from asking that burning question you might have. You might regret it later!

Keep an open mind

If the weather is miserable on your visit, but that other open day you went to last weekend was glorious sunny weather, try not to be put off! Get to the core of the university you’re visiting by asking questions and seeing as much as possible.

The bus is free

The Loughborough campus is a big place – we actually have one of the biggest single-site green campus in the UK. In reality, there are two main walks through the majority of campus – the main road, and the village walk. Tip – see the main road half of campus on the free Sprint bus, then walk back through the student village! Ambassadors in purple t-shirts will be on all of the buses and major walking routes, if you need help or directions.

Plan, don’t panic

There is a lot to see at an #LboroOpenDay, and you might not be able to tick it all off. Draw up a rough plan of the must-sees, but don’t panic about missing the extra bits. You can always re-visit at the next open day, or book onto a campus tour.

Speaking of planning, our open days are an all-weather affair, so be sure to come prepared for all possibilities.

Reflect on your open day

In the back of your mind, and perhaps while you’re travelling home – ask yourself,  can you see yourself at Loughborough? You could be considering a 3, 4 or 5 year degree with us, so try and picture yourself happy on our campus if you can.

Keep the conversation going

Just because you aren’t on campus, doesn’t mean you can’t speak to us! We’re available on all the major social media channels, or you can e-mail us –

Want more advice? You can read our students’ views on this subject – read Symrun and Niamh’s blogs. We’ve also got a handy Open Day Visitor Checklist and an FAQ page.

There’s still time to book your place on our open day! Get started here.

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