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Making your 2018 count at Loughborough

8 January 2018

4 mins

It’s that time of year again: new year, new you. What have you promised yourself you’re going to change this year? Here are our ideas for fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions at Loughborough in 2018.

1. Lose weight/get fit

Perhaps the most common resolution people set after eating an entire tub of chocolate while watching Christmas films on repeat. There’s loads of ways to reach your fitness goals at Loughborough! You could join one of our two gyms, an AU Club, IMS, or one of our fitness Societies; from pole to touch rugby or quidditch, there’s something for everyone and every ability.

If you want the expert advice on the best ways to get fit this new year, read our #LboroExperts articles on Twitter.

2. Travel more

Another idea everyone has at new year – get out and see the world! At Loughborough you have the advantage of being less than 15 minutes drive from East Midlands Airport, so a holiday (budget allowing) can be very easy and convenient! You can also take advantage of study abroad, spending between 3 and 12 months at a University overseas as part of your degree. Or you could apply for a placement abroad.

Alternatively, if you want to see more of the UK then LSU Trips provide a super affordable way of visiting places for the day!

3. Learn a new skill

The Student’s Union boasts over 115 Societies, including performance, music, technology, food and drink and more, so if there’s something you want to learn more about these are a great place to start. Something you’re interested in not available? You can start your own Society!

4. Read more

This one’s easy! Did you know the library has a large range of leisure reading books? They even have a comfy seating area if you want to start reading there and then. Several buildings across campus also run free book-swaps.

5. Improve myself

We offer a host of extra-curricular activities which look good on your CV when you graduate, and also help make you a more well-rounded individual. You could run for a position on committee; be it Society, AU, LSU or halls. Also, our Careers Team are able to advise on gaining work experience – for example a placement or internship over the summer break.

6. Give something back

There’s two obvious candidates for this one, if you’d like to help raise money for charity in 2018, LSU Rag is for you – they raise £1 million+ for charity every year! Or if you’d like to give something back to the community, you can join the 1000s of student volunteers who give their time with LSU Action.

7. Be wiser with my money

Otherwise known as spend less. You can read our advice on managing your money at university here. If you are struggling with finances, our Student Advice and Support Service can help! So don’t struggle in silence. You could also turn to our student bloggers for their advice on how to budget effectively at university.

8. Meet new people

You couldn’t be in a better place to tick off this resolution! Loughborough boasts a top student experience, with a real family feel on campus. In your halls and lectures you’ll come across 100s of new people. Want to broaden your horizons further? Joining a Society or AU Club is a great way to meet new people.

NT Live – Julius Caesar: 22 March, 7:00pm, Cope Auditorium

9. Take part in more cultural activites

Want to spend more time in the arts? LU Arts offer a range of theatre screenings, musical concerts, art opportunities and more – so there’s plenty for you to get involved in on campus! We also have performance Societies you could join or go to watch, or you could go and see what’s on at Loughborough Town Hall – or head to the theatres in nearby Leicester and Nottingham.

10. Look after myself

Make sure you look after yourself this year, and remember, if you do need support there’s lots available to you on campus.

Whatever you choose to focus on in 2018, we’d like to wish all the #LboroFamily a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.


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