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Loughborough’s Education Advancement Programme (LEAP)

5 February 2021

3 mins

LEAP (Loughborough’s Education Advancement Programme) is an exciting new initiative that aims to increase the participation in Higher Education amongst students in the Midlands and East London. LEAP is a collaborative effort, delivered in partnership by colleagues from the School and College Liaison (SCL) Team, Future Space team (London) and the Doctoral College and provides an opportunity for doctoral researchers to share their research and gain teaching experience whilst supporting younger students to develop key study skills.

Why get involved?

LEAP offers you a chance to gain some valuable paid teaching and work experience. You will have the opportunity to develop teaching materials, skills and lesson plans, providing excellent examples of varied experience for your CV. Throughout the duration of the project you will have a chance to collaborate with colleagues from a number of different departments within the University and develop your own skills/knowledge of new areas. Where relevant it will also provide an opportunity for you to share your own academic interests and discuss your particular area of research.

When does LEAP take place?

LEAP will take place during the summer term and will be delivered over the course of 10 – 12 weeks. During this time, the emphasis will be on supporting participants to develop key study skills that will prepare them for Higher Education. The focus will not necessarily be on expanding subject knowledge, although the University recognises that this is still a likely and positive outcome.

Expressions of interest welcomed11 January – 14 February
Successful students notifiedw/c 22 February
Mandatory training completed1 March – 30 April
Lesson plans drafted and approved1 March – 30 April
Delivery of 6 lessons3 May – 11 June
Participating students create their final project14 June – 27 June
Final projects “marked” and feedback sent to students28 June – 16 July

Please note the delivery dates in bold above when you must be free to work with your assigned cohort (exact days and times can be negotiated). Dates for training and lesson plan development can be flexible.

How will this benefit me?

LEAP is viewed as a collaborative project; we will ensure that you feel supported through all aspects of the programme. Each doctoral researcher will be assigned a contact from either the SCL or Future Space team who can help them with the development of their lesson plan, arrangements with their allocated school and marking of final projects. A full programme of training will be provided for all taking part in the project.

As well as being a paid role, LEAP will provide an opportunity for our doctoral researchers to develop teaching/classroom experience and to support students from disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their academic potential.

What are you waiting for?!

If you’re interested in enhancing your personal development, confidence and knowledge this collaboration may well be the perfect fit for you!

If you’re not already convinced we have a dedicated webpage for any students who might be interested, which also features the expression of interest form (closing date 14 February) and contact details should they have any further questions.

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