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Reflection on Semester 1: Haihan’s story

19 January 2021

2 mins

In this blog, current MSc Sport Technologies and Analytics student, Haihan, shares their reflections on their time at Loughborough University London so far.

This week I have submitted my research & insight report on UEFA Champions League reform, marking the end of semester 1 of my 1-year MSc Sport Technologies and Analytics at Loughborough University London.

I have received grades of all assignments beside this report and I am very happy with all of the grades I have received. I have also gained experience in using Excel, SPSS, Tableau and Python for sport analytics projects.

Reflecting my experience in the last 4 months, I think my top 3 learning points would be:

1. Engage with the virtual learning environment 

I am interacting more during lectures as I begin to feel more confident typing questions and comments online instead of raising hands as I would in a physical lecture theatre (I am afraid that my question will waste people’s time). I actually feel I know more about my current cohort online, compared to my classmates in the undergraduate programme. 

2. Data is not the answer to everything

Interpretation of data can vary significantly from one’s point of view. I learnt more about the importance in asking what is behind the data. How is data collected, cleaned, analysed and what is its context. Critical thinking, holistic perspective and qualitative analysis are essential to complement quantitative analysis.

3. Learn more, know less

Although I already graduated with a BSc Sport Management, I have learnt way more knowledge on the industry of sport, latest trends and the drive behind analytics. Every single week I feel I touch upon another field of sport industry like analytics, fan engagement, match day experience, athlete high performance, machine learning, SPSS, Tableau, Python, etc. My perception of current understanding of the world versus the total amount of knowledge of the world is diminishing. And I am happy about it because it is more important to know someone will always be more of an expert than you on something. Important to discover and listen, but also maintain a critical world view.

Thank you to Haihan for taking the time to share some reflections from Semester 1.

If you would like to find out more about our MSc Sport Analytics and Technologies programme, please visit our website.

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