UK HEI RDM survey

Loughborough University has been conducting a survey to discover what services UK Universities offer for managing research data created within their institutions. Martin Hamilton wrote about the survey in a post titled ‘UK Higher Education Research Data Management Survey‘.

The questionnaire was divided into four main themes:

  • About RDM at your institution: this covered demographics and whether a research data management policy or service was available.
  • For Institutions with a RDM service: we asked about the scope of the service and range of data covered, whether data sets and/or metadata stored, software used, available institutional/researcher storage, charges and staffing.
  • Support: respondents were asked to select from a list of broad categories of support available for research data management.
  • Other information: the usual free text box for respondents to provide any additional information they wish.

There has been a good deal of interest in the survey with many interesting responses to the questions posed. Results will be posted soon.

DCC research data management planning training

We have had another brilliant training session from the Digital Curation Centre. Once again the topic was research data management planning but this time looking at costing for RDM. The outline for the session was as follows:

  • Introduction
  • What are Data Management Plans and why are they important?
  • Funders’ policies on data management and eligible costs
  • Q&A Discussion: key issues affecting support provision
  • Data Management Plan Examples
  • Breakout session for discussion the example plans
  • What next? Planning future DMP support

Feedback from participants was excellent and I now have some useful resources to help those creating a research data management plan. I will compile these into a post soon.