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Expanding the “Loughborough Bubble”

In my first year, I very rarely ventured beyond the University campus. I was living with my new friends in the student village, I had all my lectures on campus, I ordered my food online and the majority of nights out were at the Student Union.

Why Loughborough?

As many of you may soon be choosing your first choice and insurance university, I’ll start this off with why I chose Loughborough.

The dancing queens of Loughborough

February was an extremely busy month for me in terms of being a part of the AU Dance team but with that came an immense amount of excitement as we had our annual dance show fast approaching! After numerous rehearsals and quite a lot of sweaty hours later, the weekend of Valentines Day we were […]

Why I chose Loughborough

It’s that time of year when prospective students are choosing firm and insurance choice for University. Going to be honest this is one of the most stressful decisions, you’re sat there thinking ‘what if I choose the wrong place?’, ‘what if I don’t like it there?’ Well, the truth is you’re not going to know, […]

Introducing Tom

I’m a first year student studying Economics and Management with the option of taking a placement year in industry. I’ve really enjoyed my first six months at Loughborough and I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you over the next year.

Introducing Luke

Hey! I’m Luke. I hope this blog will provide you with a vaguely-interesting, occasionally-entertaining and, most importantly, an honest insight into the life of a third year Sport and Exercise Science student at Loughborough.

Introducing Kelsie

My name is Kelsie Hoang and I am an international student, currently doing Masters of Research in International Crisis Management.

My first few months at Loughborough

I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be but Loughborough! These past few months have been amazing! People say University is a place where you grow as an individual and explore new opportunities, and I can honestly say this could not be more true.

Becoming me at university

Making decisions and growing up is not always easy, but it is necessary. Today, if you asked me whether I believed going to university was the right decision, I would honestly tell you it was.