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Being a student-athlete at Loughborough

Hi! I’m Lauren, and hopefully this blog will give you an idea of what it is like to be a student-athlete at Loughborough University. I currently play netball for Loughborough Lightning and England Netball, and I am in my fourth year of university, about to complete my degree in Sport and Exercise Science. It is […]

Leaving Loughborough for Easter

March at Loughborough signifies one thing- the end of term!! Not that I’m happy to leave Luffs for a month, but everyone was looking forward to some time off. While writing this I only have a few days left of the Easter break so I’m wondering where all that time went; although I am really […]

Loughborough really does walk on water

March was a non-stop month in the Loughborough bubble full of coursework deadlines, student ambassador commitments and most importantly the Loughborough Dance Competition, but first lets get the academics out of the way. I had my formative coursework assignments due this term and after many library visits and help from the trusty thesaurus, I finally […]

Loughborough Geography heads to New York

It is 3:00am; I am cuddled up in a blanket at 33,000 feet. I am sunburnt and tired, though most importantly, I am incredibly happy. It seems the geography field trip to New York has been quite an adventure – exploring, learning and enjoying. With us (sleeping students) dominating half of the plane I was […]

Looking back to Freshers

On Thursday 26th September 2013, fuelled by nervous excitement, I entered my new flat (Telford Hall, 1D, ground floor) around midday, ready and eager to meet my new flatmates. I opened the door to a deadly silence – no one was there. I was the first, the keeno, but never mind I told myself, I’d […]

Exploring Bradgate Park

If you remember my last month post, I promised you all an exciting installment from Brussels since I was going on a field trip with my course-mates to the ‘headquarter’ of European Union. However, due to the recent Brussels bombing and attacks which happened couple weeks ago, this trip was cancelled. At first, I was […]

The ways I study at Loughborough

You may wonder how students manage to have both a social life, sleep and uphold their degree (I have no idea how we do it).  But I’m going to go for the typical cliché explanation “you need good time management skills”, which unfortunately you can’t buy on eBay (sorry). However, the support available here at […]