Mettletest user acceptance testing

Mettletest invites you to take part in user acceptance testing (UAT) of its new website.

Mettletest is a web-based service that enables you to prove your merit to employers. Each fortnight you answer a question predicting a future event in the field of international politics, economics or finance, science, technology or culture. You provide a yes/no answer, a confidence level, and a 200-word analysis. The website can be seen at Please peruse the “Subscriber” tabs for detailed explanations.

Over time you develop a track record of predictions and analysis of current affairs questions. This forms a portfolio, matched against real-world outcomes, that can be delivered (as url) to potential employers and provide the basis for discussion at interview. The portfolio contains a rich set of data to support a recruitment decision. “How does the candidate analyse a complex issue?”,  “Does the candidate show commitment and ability to learn?” The portfolio contains all answers so you are not able to cherry-pick only your best responses!

Questions are set by a network of distinguished experts who provide their own model answers after the subscribers’ deadline. You are able not only to prove your merit, but also to learn how to analyse real-world issues and understand your own strengths, weaknesses and preferences.

UAT directions

The registration link is

It is free for testers, of course, on the understanding that we want feedback on anything that does not work, you hate or love. Mettletest is still running a skeleton staff during testing, so response times may be longer than when we are fully live and all user acceptance testers are asked to bear with us on that. Also, question frequency maybe greater than fortnightly, so we can see the cycles more quickly.  The intention is that you will be building a real and useful portfolio to present to an employer when needed.

Many thanks for your participation. We hope you enjoy the challenge of Mettletest, as you become part of an elite, self-selected group that employers should be desperate to get hold of.

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