Global Internship Virtual Career Event – Johnson & Johnson

Date: Tuesday, December 2nd

The event will demonstrate the impact an International Recruitment and Development Program (IRDP) internship within our Family of Companies can have on your career. Students will have a chance to interact with presenters and former interns to discover what it’s like to work as an intern for our companies, and learn about our recruiting process and steps to apply.

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Are you the best undergraduate of the year?

There are 10 Awards up for grabs to identify the top undergraduates in IT and Computer Science; Management; Law; Mathematics, Economics and Finance; Engineering; Construction, Engineering and Design; Low Carbon Energy plus three special awards: the ‘Future Business Leader’ open to students from any discipline and the Female Undergraduate of the Year open to the very best female undergraduates and the Languages Undergraduate of the year open to multilingual students.UGOY landscape

The rewards are great: winners’ prizes include exclusive internships, lunches with directors and trips to the USA, South America, the Far East and continental Europe and the final ten students in each Award will be invited to the Undergraduate of the Year Awards in Canary Wharf London on 24 April, 2015 where the winners will be announced by the events host, Fiona Bruce.

If you make the final 10, not only will you be very close to a fantastic prize, you will have proved yourself to be amongst the best and most employable students in the country.

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Careers and Employability Drop in Zone

The Drop in Zone is generally open from 11am to 3pm Monday to Friday. We are not able to staff it from time to time so you may want to check the opening times for when you are planning to come in. 20141015_143211

You can meet with an adviser in the Drop in Zone for 5 to 10 minutes for any very brief careers related information or advice query. For example, you may want to use this service if you would like an adviser to check one or two application form questions, you do not have a CV and want to know where to start, you have a query about some but not all aspects of your CV or you want a review of a covering letter.

If you would like a full review of your CV or advice on several application form questions, please use Quick Advice. This service is available every day and bookable on the day you want an appointment. Take a look at the website for further information and booking details –

National Undergraduate Employability Awards

The National Undergraduate Employability Awards is entering its fifth year, showcasing the outstanding achievements of employers, universities and students in undergraduate employability.

The National Undergraduate Employability Awards 2014

Employer Awards

Our Employer Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of companies, large or small, across the UK in undergraduate work experience. In the current climate, it’s essential for students to gain work experience whilst at university and we believe employers who are offering fantastic schemes deserve to be recognised for their efforts.

University Awards

Having worked closely with university placement officers and careers advisers over the past six years, we are only too aware of the hard work and dedication that goes into ensuring students gain the required levels of work experience and employability skills.

Student Awards

The Student Awards reward and recognise the amazing achievements carried out by students and university societies across the UK.

Whether a society has demonstrated a strong commitment to increasing the employability of its members, or a student has made an invaluable impact to a business, our Awards highlight and celebrate the amazing achievements of all.

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Study participants for online survey sought – win amazon vouchers

Researchers from the University of Oxford are conducting a national online survey on health behaviours in 1st year university undergraduate students. This is a 10-15 minutes questionnaire which you will kindly be asked to complete up to 2 more times in the next year. Each time, you could win one of the many amazon vouchers!

To participate, you must be a 1st year undergrad university student. All nationalities welcomed! To participate:

For further information, please email: or click here

2014 HOLT Valuation Challenge

We are happy to announce the official launch of the 2014 HOLT Valuation Challenge offering you a chance to interview for paid internships and CO-OPs starting from June 2015! The Challenge is evaluated entirely on your performance and open to Bachelor, Master, MBA or PHD students from any university.

Why participate?

Compete for a highly coveted paid position with Credit Suisse HOLT and their affiliates.

Gain exclusive access to a leading valuation tool for the duration of your studies.

Get ahead in the recruitment market place by sharpening your company awareness and developing your integrated finance skills.

Become an active member of the ever-growing HOLT and
Project Firefly communities.

For more information and to keep track of the Competition join the Event on Facebook

12 tips to ace Skype based job interviews

Video chat type job interview is gaining in popularity. In certain cases it has become a modern day substitute for the popular phone-based job interview. Of the various videos chat software available, Skype being free and cross platform is the most widely used for this purpose. Here are carefully selected tips to help you ace the interview. Use these tips in addition to normal job interview tips.

  1. Username – Before the interview can commence, the interviewer will have to search and add your username to his or her contact list. When opening a Skype account, think carefully about your username and avoid names that might reflect poorly on you.
  2. Profile Picture – One of the options when setting up a Skype account is adding a profile photo. This is an optional feature, but should you choose to use it, make sure that the photo is dignified for the occasion and fit for purpose.
  3. Setup and Configuration – If you are new to Skype, it takes a few minutes to download the software and configure it. You should aim to have it setup and working well before the interview starts.
  4. Backup Device – Cross platform software means that you can install it on various devices, from laptops and smartphones and on various platforms, from Apple to Android. You will do well to set it up on at least two devices should you need to switch devices during the interview.
  5. Close Other Programs – The microphone on most video chat applications is sensitive and can pickup background noise including sound that comes from your other applications. For example, email notifications during the interview can be distracting and even annoying. Therefore we suggest that you close all non-essential applications to refrain from such interference.
  6. Use Picture-in-Picture – The picture-in-picture is a build in option in Skype that lets you see yourself as well as the other party. It is recommended that you use this feature, so you are aware how you come across to the other side during the interview.
  7. Suitable Internet Speed – The room that you have selected for the interview must have suitable Internet speed to conduct the interview without the picture freezing or worse, the chat disconnecting. It is recommend choosing a room that has fixed hardwired broadband as opposed to using for example, public 3G or wireless.
  8. Choose The Environment – The interviewer will see well beyond your face. The webcam on most devices is wide enough to capture your desk and even the background. Give this a serious thought before the interview starts. Make sure your immediate area as well as the background area is clean and tidy.
  9. Dress Head to Toe – Don’t think that because the interview is web based and you are seating down you can leave out dressing for the occasion. Make sure you dress head to toe and not just above the waistline. Beyond the possibility of the interviewer getting a glimpse at your full stature, dressing accordingly is thought to help you get into the right state of mind for the interview challenge.
  10. Practice Makes Perfect – If you are concerned about video based job interview, practice before the real deal. Practice with a friend, family member even with an agency recruiter to help work out any kinks.
  11. During The Interview – Make sure that you adjust the webcam so that your eyes are leveled against the camera. Otherwise, the interviewer might only see your forehead. Try to look right at the webcam, as this is the closest you’ll get to make eye contact. Avoid knocking or tapping anything on your desk as this might generate unflattering background noise.
  12. Troubleshooting – As with any piece of technology, kinks can happen when you least expect them. Interviewers often look for candidates that are problem solvers, so here is your chance to shine. If the video chat job interview has hit a snag, chat or email the interviewer telling them that you are working to resolve it. Try and use your alternative backup device. Make sure your Internet connection is working, or try alternative connection if you have one. If all falls, suggest that you complete the interview over the phone. Try not to reschedule as by the time your interview comes up again, interviewer might have interviewed other candidates.

Good luck in your career job search.

Written by the staff at The Carling Partnership Ltd (CPL), a leading search and selection agency offering jobs in the brewing industry. Formed in 2001, CPL is the leading search and selection company working with and for the drinks industry.

Management Accounting – Starting Out In This Rewarding Career Path

logoPlease find below an article, provided by CGMA, highlighting management accounting careers



Ambitious characters and those looking for a challenge are perfect candidates for a career in management accounting. This rewarding career combines financial skills with managerial skills, you will not only be analysing information, but also forming strategies and making key business decisions! Many paths in management accounting will also give you the opportunity to get out there and travel the world, making this the perfect choice for those with a sense of adventure!

Management Accounting requires not only knowledge of budgeting and accounts, but also the ability to effectively communicate budgets and plans to other managers and colleagues. If you are looking to combine business and finance with the opportunity to work around the world, then a management accounting career may be for you! Interested? – Read on!

The Journey to Becoming a Management Accountant

Becoming a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation holder can lead you into a lot of proficient positions. CGMA’s may work in finance, or put their broader business training to use in roles such as being a Board Director, Chairman, CEO or CFO. Any management accountant role will involve critical business decision making, and require you to drive strong business performance. Management accounting positions encompass a mix of strategy and management skills, operations expertise, and financial knowledge.

On the route to become a CGMA designation holder you follow the syllabus of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. This qualification is operates on a competency framework which acts as a bridge between education and employment.

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