Recruitment Open Day – Youth Shelter Loughborough

Monday 6th October 2014
1 – 7pm
Youth Shelter
The Falcon Centre
27-31 Pinfold Gate,
Loughborough, LE11 1BE
Various positions available:

  • Support Assistants, Bank Staff,
  • Security Concierge, Security Warden, Handyman, Cooks.

Volunteer positions:

  • Move on Mentors, Reception, Shop Assistant

Various hours/shifts available

For more information or an application pack, please contact Kane Walsh on: 01509 268699

Launch48 Leicester

Fri 21st Nov – Sun 23rd Nov 2014

Have you been thinking about starting a business?  Have you got ideas for apps bubbling away, but not sure which one to work on, who to work on it with, or what the best next step is?

Come to Leicester Launch48, a high-energy weekend event that brings together ideas-driven people from different backgrounds to pitch, build and launch a startup in 48 hours.  The weekend is crammed with a series of mini learning tutorials, mentoring from leading entrepreneurs & investors, a suite of tools to help validate and develop your ideas, minute by minute support from our facilitator, and lots of pizza and beer.

Find out more and book your ticket:

2015 Training Contract Opportunities with Eversheds in Birmingham

As a growing international law firm, Eversheds has market-leading teams of legal and business advisors across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. But international influence is only part of our strength. We are also recognised for our innovative thinking, our willingness to challenge industry norms and our client-centred approach to delivering results. This has produced a vibrant career environment – one that offers you the training, resources and opportunities to develop your talent and achieve your full potential.

We now have a number of additional training contract opportunities to start in 2015 in our Birmingham office. If you are available to start in September 2015 and are interested in applying, then please complete the simple application form and upload your CV by visiting the link below:

Please note that applications will be screened on a first come first served basis, and so please ensure that you apply as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out on this opportunity.

British Exploring- £1000 Bursary for Himalayas 2015

Applications are now open for British Exploring’s expedition to the incredible Indian Himalayas. british_exploring_himalayas_2015

 Applications are open to anyone aged 16-30, and the expedition will take place during the summer of 2015.

Plus, a very exciting offer for their Indian Himalayas Summer 2015 Expedition:

The first 20 people who apply for either the 5 week or Trainee Leader program will receive an incredible £1000 bursary toward the cost of the expedition.


Sapient Global Markets Coding Contest

Showcase your coding skills to Sapient Global Markets by participating in our contest to seek future Technologists and Developers!

Top 2 coders will be awarded £150 gift cardes

Each entry will be reviewed and if qualified for final round, you will get the opportunity to review  your codee with one of Sapient’s Expert Technologist

  1. Register at
  2. Applicants will be sent further contest instructions once registered
  3. Cmplete and submit your code by 24th October

Contest finalist will be considered for a full time role within Sapient Global Markets Campus Program starting January 2015 & July 2015

PhD to Consulting Conference 2014

Friday 26th of September 2014
Imperial College London

Are you a PhD student or postdoc interested in a career transition?

  •  Learn about management consulting
  • Discover the value of your PhD in the consulting industry
  • Write winning job applications
  • Network with consultants from international firms
  • Business case solving session

For more information and registration details visit:

liGo Scholarship

liGo is offering a £1000 scholarship to one talented undergraduate student. liGo will provide a £1000 scholarship to assist one promising student interested in pursuing a career in business and marketing.

Programme Details

A scholarship of £1000 will be provided to help one talented student pursue a career in business and marketing related fields. In addition to this, liGo will also offer a guaranteed job interview to the scholarship recipient for final year students, and a paid internship interview for younger students.

Teach Abroad Scholarship

In response to the rise in Graduate unemployment and the continuing weakness in the
domestic graduate job market, we have developed a Graduate TEFL Programme. TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and there is a tremendous global demand for trained TEFL teachers.

As a Social Enterprise, our profits are re-invested back into providing employment and
training opportunities, and we are therefore able to offer a number of Full Scholarships onto the Programme (which usually costs £529.00) each year. Although primarily aimed at unemployed Graduates, Undergraduates are also eligible to apply for a scholarship and Final Year students in particular are encouraged to apply.

In order to be considered for the next round of Scholarships, please send your CV and
Cover Letter ASAP.

Our Programme consists of two key strands:

  1.  A 150 hour distance-learning Diploma TEFL Course; giving participants the skills,
    confidence, and qualifications to get their ideal teaching job abroad.
  2. A Job Advisory Service providing expert support to ensure participants find work and choose the most appropriate position for them personally. We work with quality Schools and Agencies throughout the world to make sure our students get the pick of some of the best English Language teaching jobs around. If you would rather find your own position, our Job Advisory Service will help you focus your search and provide bespoke advice concerning your applications to ensure you get the job you want.

The specific duties and remuneration you can expect when teaching abroad obviously varies depending on a range of factors, for example: location, size of school, type of school (private or state), age of students etc. One of the key roles of our Job Placement Service is to help you decide what would suit you best.

For more information about the Programme please take a look at our website: Or contact us at:
Tel: 01274 610 849

12 tips to ace Skype based job interviews

Video chat type job interview is gaining in popularity. In certain cases it has become a modern day substitute for the popular phone-based job interview. Of the various videos chat software available, Skype being free and cross platform is the most widely used for this purpose. Here are carefully selected tips to help you ace the interview. Use these tips in addition to normal job interview tips.

  1. Username – Before the interview can commence, the interviewer will have to search and add your username to his or her contact list. When opening a Skype account, think carefully about your username and avoid names that might reflect poorly on you.
  2. Profile Picture – One of the options when setting up a Skype account is adding a profile photo. This is an optional feature, but should you choose to use it, make sure that the photo is dignified for the occasion and fit for purpose.
  3. Setup and Configuration – If you are new to Skype, it takes a few minutes to download the software and configure it. You should aim to have it setup and working well before the interview starts.
  4. Backup Device – Cross platform software means that you can install it on various devices, from laptops and smartphones and on various platforms, from Apple to Android. You will do well to set it up on at least two devices should you need to switch devices during the interview.
  5. Close Other Programs – The microphone on most video chat applications is sensitive and can pickup background noise including sound that comes from your other applications. For example, email notifications during the interview can be distracting and even annoying. Therefore we suggest that you close all non-essential applications to refrain from such interference.
  6. Use Picture-in-Picture – The picture-in-picture is a build in option in Skype that lets you see yourself as well as the other party. It is recommended that you use this feature, so you are aware how you come across to the other side during the interview.
  7. Suitable Internet Speed – The room that you have selected for the interview must have suitable Internet speed to conduct the interview without the picture freezing or worse, the chat disconnecting. It is recommend choosing a room that has fixed hardwired broadband as opposed to using for example, public 3G or wireless.
  8. Choose The Environment – The interviewer will see well beyond your face. The webcam on most devices is wide enough to capture your desk and even the background. Give this a serious thought before the interview starts. Make sure your immediate area as well as the background area is clean and tidy.
  9. Dress Head to Toe – Don’t think that because the interview is web based and you are seating down you can leave out dressing for the occasion. Make sure you dress head to toe and not just above the waistline. Beyond the possibility of the interviewer getting a glimpse at your full stature, dressing accordingly is thought to help you get into the right state of mind for the interview challenge.
  10. Practice Makes Perfect – If you are concerned about video based job interview, practice before the real deal. Practice with a friend, family member even with an agency recruiter to help work out any kinks.
  11. During The Interview – Make sure that you adjust the webcam so that your eyes are leveled against the camera. Otherwise, the interviewer might only see your forehead. Try to look right at the webcam, as this is the closest you’ll get to make eye contact. Avoid knocking or tapping anything on your desk as this might generate unflattering background noise.
  12. Troubleshooting – As with any piece of technology, kinks can happen when you least expect them. Interviewers often look for candidates that are problem solvers, so here is your chance to shine. If the video chat job interview has hit a snag, chat or email the interviewer telling them that you are working to resolve it. Try and use your alternative backup device. Make sure your Internet connection is working, or try alternative connection if you have one. If all falls, suggest that you complete the interview over the phone. Try not to reschedule as by the time your interview comes up again, interviewer might have interviewed other candidates.

Good luck in your career job search.

Written by the staff at The Carling Partnership Ltd (CPL), a leading search and selection agency offering jobs in the brewing industry. Formed in 2001, CPL is the leading search and selection company working with and for the drinks industry.