NBG Traineeships through Erasmus+ Program

National Bank of Greece, consistent to its commitment to invest in human capital, offers various internship placements through Erasmus+ Program. Through the afore-mentioned Program, students/ trainees receive an EU – Erasmus grant as a contribution to their costs for travel and subsistence during the period of traineeship abroad and insurance against the risks linked to their participation in the Program (travel insurance, third party liability, accident, serious illness etc). Additional to the Program’s grant, NBG offers a monthly payment.
Erasmus+ internship placements are designed to enhance employability and improve the career prospects of the participating students, notably via contributing to professional skills development and providing working experience, linked to their professional profile
ALL the Traineeships of National Bank of Greece through Erasmus+ Programme has been prolonged for 1 month – new deadline Thursday 31st July 2014
See website for further details
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