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Evolve London – Our first Postgraduate Business Validator Programme!

26 April 2021

2 mins

Are you a current London student or 2020 graduate with a business idea? Do you want priority support to figure out how to make this idea a reality?

Our first postgraduate business validator the Evolve London programme will provide you with the support, structure and practical time you need to really interrogate, test and validate your business hypothesis and ideas.

Offering you priority 1:1 and peer-to-peer support, this 7-week programme will help you to turn your idea(s) into the real-deal, taking your new or existing business to the next level.

With the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) and the FutureSpace team, you will work towards validating your idea and finding out how to understand if your idea has merit, whether it be a company, social enterprise, charity, partnership or even making profits from a side hustle, we will give you the time, space and support required to move things forward around your studies, expert guest speakers and mentors will be on-hand throughout.

We will have 7 weeks of activities, options to attend in person or online and some work to do in your own time. We will have 4/7 sessions delivered live (online and in-person) and 3/7 weeks will be self guided learning. We understand that you may be outside of the UK so we will ensure that all sessions will be recorded and available to all members if you cannot attend in person or online due to time zones.

Are you interested in taking part?

Apply here by Monday 16 May (11.59pm) to be considered for this exciting opportunity!

You can find out more about the Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN) and all their exciting opportunities here.

To find out more about all the excellent opportunities on offer to you by our Future Space team, please visit this blog.

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