Re-editing items

You can easily change or add to the details of an item by editing it. To edit an item click on the  Edit icon (far right of the item) and make what changes you wish. When you’ve finished click on the … Continue reading

Copying items

You can copy items from a reading list either to the same item or another of your reading lists. To copy an item click on the  Copy icon (far right of item) and a popup window will appear showing all the … Continue reading

Deleting items

To delete an item click on the  Delete icon (far right of item) and a popup window will appear asking you to confirm you want to delete the item. If you’re sure you want to delete the item then click on … Continue reading

Hidden items

You can hide and unhide items on a reading list. Hidden item aren’t visible to students and other users but can be seen “greyed out” by editors of a reading list. Hiding an item To hide an item click on … Continue reading

Exporting references

You can export references from a reading list by clicking on the  Export icon (top left on the toolbar). A popup window will now appear allowing you to choose which format to export the references in. Once you have chosen your … Continue reading

Linking to a reading list

By default when you go to the reading list system you will find yourself on either the home page (listing the various academic schools) or to the last location you visited. You can however go directly to a specific location … Continue reading


Very long reading lists can be daunting to studentsĀ and time consuming when editing. One way round this is to split your list into a series (e.g. by topic or week) of smaller sub-lists. To create a sub-list simply click on … Continue reading

What is bibGrab?

bibGrab is a bookmark tool that allows you to add items to your reading lists whilst browsing the web. For example you could add a journal you’ve discovered on the library catalogue or add a book from your favourite online bookstore. … Continue reading

Installing bibGrab

In order to use bibGrab you first need to install it. To do this go to the reading list system ( and click on the Get bibGrab link at the bottom-left of the browser window and then follow the browser specific instructions provided. Once … Continue reading