Suspending reading lists

Sometimes you may want to preserve a reading list even if it’s not running. If this is the case it is always best to first hide the list so that it isn’t visible to students. If the academic(s) associated with the list has left the institution then you should also edit the group members and remove them.

Top tip: To avoid confusion with suspended reading list it is often a good idea to edit the module details and update the module code (e.g. replace the fifth character that represents stage with an X) and add a comment to the title (e.g. “Suspended whilst Fred is on sabbatical”).

New academic taking over a module

If a new academic is taking over an existing module then it is often a good idea to suspend the existing reading lists (as above) and create a new module and reading list for them. You can always copy the contents of the existing original reading list across to the new list if the academic wishes.