Drawbridge – Press Release of an exciting new DRN

By: Anne-May Tabb – AnneMay.Tabb@cit.ie Drawbridge is a new drawing research network based at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, in Ireland. Drawbridge aims to provide opportunities for researchers, students, and artists to collaborate, exchange and disseminate ideas around drawing practice in its widest possible interpretation. Drawbridge plans to engage with diverse approachesRead more

Drawing and Loss

TRACEY: Call for journal papers Guest Editor: Dr Tamarin Norwood Drawing is typically imagined as an additive, connective and creative process. Adding marks to paper sets up a mimetic lineage connecting object to hand to page to eye, creating a new and lasting image captured on the storage medium of the page. Or does it?Read more

Some thoughts on drawing as emergent and complex.

by: Simon Downs – s.t.downs@lboro.ac.uk The paper at the link below (for the journal ‘Emergence: Complexity & Organisation’) makes an argument for the process involved in the creation of a drawing as being a Complex Adaptive System involving contributions from culture, craft, materiality and practice. It further argues that the drawing artefact is an EmergentRead more

DRN2020: Temporal Drawing

Call for proposals TRACEY Drawing Research Network Conference 9th-10th July 2020 Conveners: Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University This conference aims to explore the notion of temporal drawing. By ‘temporal drawing’ we suggest that temporality is not only inherent in drawing, both as a process and as a product, but is also its fundamental condition. ToRead more

UWE Drawing Research Symposium – Drawing at Art School

By: Lucy Ward – lucy3.ward@uwe.ac.uk As a newly forming research group, we are holding a number of events to examine and focus our research intentions. Our current membership is an interdisciplinary group from across the Schools of Art and Design, and Film and Journalism at UWE, with a unifying interest in drawing in contemporary artsRead more

DRN2019: Embodied Drawing

The DRN Conference this year focussed on ‘Embodied Drawing’. The two-day event featured a series of paper presentations exploring concepts of embodied drawing from a variety of disciplines, followed by practical workshops highlighting individual’s research through practice. Thank you to all who contributed and participated in the event.Read more

DRN 2019: Embodied Drawing Schedule

Day 1: Thursday 11 July 2019 Cope Foyer: Edward Barnsley Building 9.00-9.40 Registration and Coffee Cope Auditorium Edward Barnsley Building Session 1: Chair: Dr Marion Arnold 9.45-10.10 Emma Robertson: Embodied Drawing for the Mind 10.10-10.35 Joanne Macdonald: Drawing Bodies 10.35-11.00 Paulo Luis Almeida: The Visit – Drawing as Naked Image 11.00-11.30 Break with refreshments 11.35-12.00Read more

tracing drawology

humhyphenhum (Deborah Harty & Phil Sawdon) #tracing drawology is the latest phase of the drawology project, curated by humpyphenhum. It is facilitated and supported by Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The drawology project sits within Deborah Harty’s wider practice-led research project, drawing is phenomenology.Read more

DRN 2019 Conference: Embodied Drawing

TRACEYDrawing Research Network Conference 11-12thJuly 2019 Conveners: Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University The conference aims to explore the notion of embodied drawing. By embodied drawing we suggest that ‘embodied’ could be synonymous with the act of drawing, that drawing is an act of embodiment. As such, the making of a mark expands to become an actRead more

Welcome to the DRN

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The Drawing Research Network (DRN) was established in 2001 as part of the The Big Draw.  The DRN is an international network of individuals and institutions who are involved in some way with improving our understanding of drawing, for example through professional practice, education or general interest. It aims to use this knowledge to raise the profileRead more