Welcome to the DRN

The Drawing Research Network (DRN) was established in 2001 as part of the The Big Draw.  The DRN is an international network of individuals and institutions who are involved in some way with improving our understanding of drawing, for example through professional practice, education or general interest. It aims to use this knowledge to raise the profile of drawing and drawing research.

DRN is…

  • An international community of researchers / artists / designers / educators
  • A place where people can engage in debate about all aspects of drawing practice (theory, philosophy, education, methodology)

DRN does…

  • Moderates an email based forum on drawing research (DRAWING-RESEARCH@JISCMAIL.AC.UK)
  • Hosts a blog for DRN members to publish events, concepts, perspectives and debates on drawing research
  • Facilitates and coordinates conferences, symposia and seminars on all aspects of drawing and visualisation together with collaborating host institutions

Members of the DRN community are welcome to submit posts to the DRN blog HERE.

Joining the DRN email forum

The homepage for this can be found at http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/lists/drawing-research.html. Here you will find links enabling you to subscribe and unsubscribe from this email forum and links to the archive of drawing research messages going back to 2001. You can also change your settings, for example, you can temporarily suspend deliveries of messages to your inbox. If you join, you can send a message to all readers of the Drawing Research forum simply by sending an email to drawing-research@jiscmail.ac.uk


As of October 2011 the DRN is hosted by TRACEY the site for drawing and visualisation research. We aim to stimulate, host and publish diverse perspectives on drawing and visualisation to / for a community of researchers, practitioners, educators and students. We advocate the value of drawing and visualisation in professional and educational contexts. We encourage participation and collaboration.


Erik Cheung


My name is Erik and I am a Canadian artist specializing in drawing for the last 30 years. I just stumbled upon your site and would very much love to take part in the discussions and emails. Please advise as to how I could join the forum, thanks.


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