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DRN2024 Drawing Repetition: Bodies in Motion

23 May 2024

3 mins

11.00-13.00 (BST) 5 June 2024 [online]

Hosted by the Drawing Research Group at Loughborough University


Chair: James Bowen

This panel brings together researchers investigating drawing through the movement of bodies, in relation to choreography, disability embodiment, and live drawing performance.

Ella Emanuele’s research investigates the interplay between dance, drawing, and time-based media. The work has evolved to include collaborative & participatory approaches, where the resulting installations, films, drawing, bookwork, and performances are brought into being as a result of the context they are in. Her presentation will discuss the use of repetition as a methodological strategy to emphasise a choreographic view of drawing abstracted from the materiality of the drawn line. Driven by action-based approaches the movements of the body in motion are interpreted as drawing. Task-based instructions and other systematic methods of working generate a choreographic view of drawing through a seriality of dance movements.

Rachel Gadsden–Hayton’s research investigates how the lived experience of disability serves as a catalyst to consider how the physical and phenomenological activity of repetitive action may influence the process and aesthetics of drawing. The research itself is determined by the specifics of disabilities, and by the embodied, expressive, and dialogic character of collaborative practice. Through a series of performative drawing exemplars, she will analyse her practice and that of two other disabled artists: Jeremy Hawkes, Aus, Siu Fong Yeung, HK. Collaborating since 2019, they are affected, individually and collectively, by concepts of ‘repetition’. The objective is to provide insights into disability embodiment and to reveal phenomenological intuitions of disability through the repetition of drawing in its potentiality.

Ram Samocha’s research focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation and combines drawing with video, installation, and live performance. Ram often mixes modern and traditional drawing techniques while searching for new ways to combine between two and three dimensions. Ram’s presentation will explore the fundamental role of repetition in live drawing performances, showing how it affects the connection between the artist’s body, its movements, and the marks they make. Through analysis of a series of drawing performances the presentation will seek an articulation of repetition and live drawing as symbiotic.  

The session will be chaired by James Bowen.


Ella Emanuele is an artist, researcher, and the course leader of the BA (Hons) Drawing at Falmouth University. Her practice-based research explores dance and choreography as generative modalities for contemporary drawing.

Rachel Gadsden–Hayton is an artist, researcher and disability culture activist who exhibits her work internationally, with the aim to develop cross-cultural dialogues considering notions of humanity. She was the guest artist for the ‘Big Draw Netherlands Festival’ 2023 and presented TransHuman at the Museum Arnhem, and Extrapol, Nijmegen. Rachel was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from South Bank University, 2016.

Ram Samocha is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and educator whose work combines drawing with video, installation, sound, and live performance.

Ram is the founder and artistic director of Draw to Perform, an international community for drawing performance practice.

James Bowen’s research investigates the intersection of drawing and sound. James teaches Fine Art at Loughborough University and completed his PhD ‘Voice as a Tool for Drawing’ at Loughborough in 2023. 

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hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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