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Bob and Alice Through the Green Box Glass :Drawing as a Theory of Everything

10 January 2022

3 mins

Edwin VanGorder

The nature of what we might call drawing as itself a theory of everything proceeds from the general intimation by which Duchamp quotes Joseph Wright of Derby’s painting Allegory of Alchemy in the forms of the Nude Descending Staircase and Philosophy and the conceptual “derby” Duchamp mentions in is his notes which may as well include of course the Wright brothers in which the end of history ethos is as a bonding per Duchamp’s recasting the Phaedrus to the neo- space of his n dimensional chess bridging Davinci and Einstein( note that Duchamp’s roto reliefs via Roger Penrose and wife’s own book on these objects mark them as highly influencing early black hole mathematics just as one also hears the French artist’s voice in “ cosmic censorship” as term for “singularity”!…..
With Frank Lloyd Wright’s similar ethos ‘bringing the outside inside’ we can appreciate then in particular the Bottle Rack as implicating a Klein bottle or dimensional mobius strip as indeed became Hawking’s model for the prime motion of the universe to coin a phrase for this “Strange Loop” Hofstadter ie Goedel Escher Bach years since GEB publication finds at this moment a Renaissance in physics and cosmology in others which in so doing also becomes in sense bonded to the viewer…
Dialogue of Robert Smithson and Duchamp: Smithson: “you are an alchemist” Duchamp: “yes” … ( especially note how his answer is open ended…)…
Drawing as a theory of everything studies between “ delimiting” as “I bound, I enclose” in Latin to the Graphos of Greek as “ I draw, I write”… through which Bob and Alice through The Glass arrive in my illustrations to the Green Box via the transitive moment that is drawing…which is as to view through the lens of illustrating the Green Box : I am interested here in the new solutions to the Three Body problem… Just as the Nude may be standing on a space time escalator the position of one body considered entirely as velocity serves as a state of equilibrium by which the others unknown histories may resolve to proxemics of the math. Similarly in a drawing ambit I embark on an allegory of the problem of relating the primordial state of space itself as a low energy infinity of quantum expansion these states may become the occulist witness or state of equilibrium become closed one it yet surpasses.


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