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Drawing and Time

16 January 2022

1 min

Edwin VanGorder

Space plus space itself = space and space itself…a noumenon gnomon (there is a slim difference between the cosmological constant and space itself prior particles. How slim is the limm? (for example the hypothetical and I think not likely graviton if found and exploded to size of atom would find the atom size of a galaxy…. I think rather that as gravity is distortion via extreme space time eventua it is peculiar in not being a field but the differences between all in a disequilibrium so small as to act like an equilibrium with the difference that it will fill out the berms and wales of space time between any two fields and this binary and tertiary status informs us in a way we that does not leave us totally unknowing up along the way of all intrigue. That spin and interference transpose across centers leaves the quantum effect of counting from the bottom and the staged velocity to the phase of that dimension… i.e. as in up and down quarks which as well indicates the reason implicating violation of enantiomorphic chirality posed to centers.


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