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Drawing on the Higgs

28 April 2022

1 mins

Edwin Van Gorder

Drawing on the Higgs
Given that momentum upon velocity are the dimension of spin the ontological mathematics of roots as quantum offer a specific fractal length of .0074 as the universal constant from it’s preliminary double of .1056 ; which is the region the square root of five complement overlaps and in so doing stages a recurring structure added or subtracted like up an down quarks thus to my mind the moral equivalent of the Higgs…at .5528 via crossing mid-line such as becomes the critical ontological factor.
The drawing here stages that Higg’s like entry level upon scales that lens it…

Interestingly then: .o156 , a number a number generated as eighth generation thus seventh dimension of the complement of golden section .618 per .382 added to unity as 1.383 in reciprocal form .7236 stepping those denominations


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