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Headlight Child Between Manchester and Leeds..

28 March 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

A soft edged abstract work has the potential to share an odd binary star with the Baroque operatic Cumana Bosso or the expected improvisations made on melody line from numbers in the score thus also as a architecture of sight and sound here comparable to the strong axis in Art Deco finding Jazz it’s musical counterpoint… Sight and sound as coefficients on cosmic radiation bring our star as well to a pulsar identity within our particular Renaissance of cosmology which I indicate in the enclosed article from Manchester College which has the pulsar stars coded into sound and sight by which I mean to focus all this spin in the narrative above and the spin of the quasars in which mass millions that of earth completely rotate clock like perhaps 600 times a second and introducing us to cosmic scale on the one hand generally but also a very specific coefficient which helps introduce via the mathematics by which a rounding off of numerical extension places a kind of fractal entity in high variety where spin places to dimension the tensions on time space by which magnetic fields and gravity mark local tone to the spin through variance in the interference pattern… the term quantum hair , like our Rothko has been invented as a variation on “fuzzy mathematics “ as yet again a link on Chain mathematics or the states introduced in the variances I mentioned as “rounding off” of which the Manchester visual graphs in a sense pose as that density of the oscillation to influence what will be velocity contribution to gravity…The black hole Rothko or hair or fuzziness is considered a form of quantum entanglement print made upon the field of entry or processional…


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