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In Advance of the Fugue State

28 March 2022

3 mins

Edwin VanGorder

: numerically ; the rounding off of a number which may have the life of an extended decimal results in a different cadence or skhar/score so to speak depending on the derived equilibrium entropy point of adjustment (Duchamp ironically proposes the “point of sex”) but this being said one sees a theme developing in his projects in which the fugue or mathematical spiral in the conditions of experience are retrieved from the societal implications ( and limitations) of Abott’s Flatland towards his own concerns. In so far as the Salon show mirrored the glass fronts of the new idea of commercial boutiques and mal like presentation the malic mold adjusting previous ideas of a Salon or group of friends shifting from the Proust model is note as Chaux de Saline or the portal in Ledoux Salt works become Duchamp’s chocolate grinder per the neo classic nine muses or nine chaux ,shadows , cats etc and cat-o-ninetails a reference to Nazis using Ledoux oculus as a death camp presaging the continuing dichotomy of Modernism used both by liberals and illiberal as their projected imaging.
The variance of the fugue state figures actually in the mathematics of blackhole horizons which Penrose understood via Duchamp’s rotoreliefs and likewise then quantum entropy entanglement follows suit. Duchamp’s imagery appreciated the Degas tilted square base for his dancers as a mathematical quasi quantum release and indeed arabesque… the projects of is own intertwine the profile view seen from above and pasted indicating the view one has one closing one eye and then the other of the alternate sides of ones nose which then in an equilibrium stated disappears and this linked to “with my tongue in my cheek and later a view of his tonsiled head suggest the lounge following the trajectory of the eye…
Seemingly influenced by Gorky who taught a course at the New School on camouflage on the strengths of his own flight during the Armenian catastrophe a corresponding sympathetic emerges in for example the painted stoppages which mask the collected apostrophes or art witnesses of the Glasses projects as planted mirrors so to speak and indeed the original stencil stoppages placed in a carefully (soundly) constructed box are a kind of camouflaged violin as shared between Ingres and Einstein…
Structurally the claims of a diagonal on a quantum expansion will state the terms which implicate its underlying equilibrium bias towards other polarities which like the Stern experiments will bifurcate but then again in space time the receptive berms and wales will constantly shift in the moods of the kind of “rounding off” mentioned at outset… Cat0’s nine…tales…


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