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Neo Space Drawing Web to Webb

28 March 2022

1 min

Edwin VanGorder

Counter point of Post Intuitive Cyber Drawing in NeoSpace
It has interested me to realize that the interplay of physics in a cosmological view of the Presocratics with the poetics that are the dynamics of Sanskrit drawing verbs adjusted to Greek knowledge kinds arrived to visual verbal Esperanto of new found poetry and poetics with Joyce and Duchamp. There is for me then this juncture I mark to the advent of the Webb Scope from which my sense of the window at the door I made of Illustrating the Green Box must now from that that apostrophe
Match the dimensions of scaling down and rolling out with the Neo Space sense of post intuitive orders in the Dark regions of our Post Heraclitan Dark Energy/Dark matter inquiry into the Cosmological quantum and unity…Therefore as the Webb scope adjusts it’s mirrors I will adjust mine to preface this: within a golden to relate what I will give here generally as the number 1.2236 as sufficient to represent in that ratio the Higgs Field and the number .0156 places the Higgs bosun as essentially a brane upon cosmological constants sequencing from there to .0074 denominations….


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