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Nor Over Drawing on Wit and Wisdom

28 March 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

At the always and ever risk of over thinking (over thinking being a world word itself rather self fraught) It occurs to me at the last minute to compare the beautiful house Wittgenstein built ( I pored over this as exactly what I liked, a kind of Indian Sanskrit processional) and it’s fate as being currently burned down, the shell of it as though a prescient monument to the ghost towns of the current war… his object language and questions such as how does one locate a pain contrast with the over thinking of his declared interest in a per situation grammar which while succeeding in arranging a post philosophy ie anti Constructionist mood only too open to Deconstructionist questioning with for example the very root of the word Pain in Pei the transformative taken into Greek from the Sanskrit (i.e; words like paen, phenomenon, experience, paint psychology, pawn, philosophy etc… the meaning for me being these Sanskrit drawing verbs which inform our variety of means of drawing on the nature of nature as the relate over time a tension between the intuitive and necessarily non intuitive modes are a naturalness beyond what he may deny ( some claim he is being ironic..)


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