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Plasma Drawing Chamber and Bosun’s Mate of the Inbuilt from GreenBox in the Rough

11 August 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGoder

Cyber drawing as laser light touches on plasma, that state of equilibrium very hot or cold by which the photon originally “humankinds’ measure of light” seems in a measure quoted in Duchamp’s Why Not Sneeze… where a thermometer in vicinity of marble cubes facing a wire grid as their time space metaphor is esconced with honey comb or virgin honey ie the perhaps sugar cubes in their marble weight surprise like light magnetic fields wrapped around each other in quantum leaps from light to heavy: an ensconced link here to Ars Technicia article on such magnetic field is preserved here … my meaning is to compare the Greenbox as though the flash of light to green shift on Horizon at equator is implicate to the wholeness of new world orders in drawing research in the dawning cosmology. Similarly one might think of this as a kind of daughter field as when Ingres references works in which so much time is invested in a portrait a child grows to age and is removed from picture… or Again: The early Szeeman -Hopps curatorial venture of artistic igloos places creative limbo in the temperatures becoming. Seeking the best one does not want the Rube Cubed to be too useful!.. time melts away our narcissism and we become narcissists assistants in the kaleidoscope of evolving dimensions of world orders on a collective vision. In the drawing the idea of an implicate whole is fielded to single diagonal facets at a grid face which are the subject dimension each to the facet extended in length by polygon representing dimension ie a five sided figure via base representing 4 dimensions similar to the way a century number is a digit removed from its description as in year 1340 of fourteenth century … Heraclitus perhaps playing with this in his Great Year which seemingly found its way into “light year”… In a way the drawing references the way I learned mathematics of a sort in an architects office via simple act of ripping a piece of paper by rolling a cone about the paper crease which takes in the slack of an initial field in to the lengthening gesture…


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