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Rhea Mode Revisited to Drawing and Dialectic

24 January 2022

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

In our traumatized world of covid isolation it is interesting to consider the ethos in which Duchamp existed under his own European sense of time management while in NY : Just as for example the Monastery Angelico made museum to a hybrid spiritual ontology between art and religion was there ordered in time bites large and small reflective of ecclesiastic calendar orders so the salon visiting of Marcels Duchamp and Proust were conversant moment by moment with friendships as an ontological order within their art and for this reason Duchamp’s extreme influence in America had to do with his conversational dialectic or dialectic conversation .. after all it is somehow laughable to think of Duchamp in a “gallery”…. No? Dove’s sudden interest in embedded objects stems from Duchamp just as Duchamp’s suddenly mystic abstract searches into color tinge and hinge on Dove, likewise the Network of Stoppages appears to reflect contact with Gorky teaching camouflage at the New School per his escape from persecution and so on (including Duchamp’s roto relief researches becoming embedded in early black hole mathematics by the appreciative Penrose) Dali however is the artist who was most Duchamp’s disciple, recognizing the artists method of apostrophes or paintings allegorical to his primary glass Dali likewise made almost all of his work also referential to specific of these and he would be an original example of illustrating the Green Box of which I continue in my way the Vox. Michael Leja in his book comparing Duchamp and Eakins “Looking Askance” observes “vision is transitive”… the phrase transcends the book ,just as the phrase from a movie no one remembers managed to posterity “the past is a foreign country -they do things differently there”… with Physicist Bohm of Rhea mode or finding relevance be “levanting” or raising to view for another look… In the drawing enclosed a sliding glass motif considers a time element transposing successive fields which shred in passage an identity which reconstitutes as a freedom of extension at the transitive vision.


hosted by TRACEY at Loughborough University

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