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Future Freshers

After spending the summer at home, I was very excited to finally move back up to Loughborough on Monday and into new digs with my friends. We got here a week or so before freshers for one reason and one reason only: future freshers!

Advice for freshers and festival season

It’s getting towards the end of summer which means University will be restarting and I’ll moving back to Loughborough. For you lucky ones, you’ll be starting your first year at Loughborough! Moving in and your first few days can be very daunting but try to make the most of it as the first few weeks […]

Adult life vs student life

It’s baffling to me how quickly these months fly by; the fact that we are already in September is just crazy but Autumn marks a very exciting beginning for a lot of you out there……UNI!

Paul’s photo guide to Loughborough Students’ Union

Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) has had one of the biggest impacts on my student experience, though during my first few days at university I didn’t fully understand it. So using only pictures I have taken over the past couple of years, I want to explain a little about it.

Travel and Loughborough food recommendations

I hope you all are doing fantastically and congratulations to all of you who are going into the first year of university, especially ones that are coming to Loughborough. Welcome to the University, I am sure that you will have a very memorable three years here!

A Sunny September in Oz

Hi all, so it’s September and that means Australia is getting warmer (not complaining)! It honestly seems like yesterday I arrived in Perth, but I’ve been here for two months now, which is the longest holiday ever. It’s genuinely like a completely new world. I can’t express how much it feels like I’ve just borrowed […]