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Freshers 2019: What to pack?

Packing for university can feel like an overwhelming task. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of everything you might need. Please note, this list is simply a guide to things you might need, and many items could be bought after arrival. Bedroom Making your bedroom feel more like home with […]

Deciphering the Loughborough Lingo

Here at Loughborough, you’ll pick up on some words and phrases which you might not understand. Fear not – speak like a true member of the #LboroFamily with our handy list of some of the most popular terms and abbreviations you might hear around campus.

Free IT software available to students

Throughout your university career, you’ll grow to love the word ‘free’. Fortunately, if you’re joining us as a student at the university, there’s a bunch of free software you can tap into, all thanks to our IT Services team.