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Free IT software available to students

Throughout your university career, you’ll grow to love the word ‘free’. Fortunately, if you’re joining us as a student at the university, there’s a bunch of free software you can tap into, all thanks to our IT Services team.

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Microsoft Office 2016

Don’t pay for a student version of Microsoft Office! You can get the complete package using your university login. To get started, head over to our IT Services webpage. This package includes all the essentials like Word, Powerpoint and Excel, for all your essay, presentation and spreadsheet needs.


If you don’t already have anti-virus software on your computer, the advice and free download available on our website will help you keep those nasty bugs away.

Undergraduate students working in a Computer Science lab.

Step into our labs…

If you need more specialised software, chances are you’ll find it in one of our numerous computer labs which are free and dotted around campus. Click here for a full list of software, including the lab you’ll find it in. You can even see exactly how many machines are currently available in each location.


If you can’t get enough of free software, take a look at the IT Services guide to some popular free downloads, including VLC Media Player and GIMP.

Our IT Services can also help you set up your own devices, give advice on common problems, and more. Head over to the website for details.

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