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Freshers 2019: What do the first few days look like?

Arriving on campus

As move-in day approaches, it’s a good idea to make a note of your arrival slot so that you can plan your journey to campus. When you arrive here you’ll be directed to where you can collect your accommodation keys, which you’ll need before you can do anything else. You’ll then be shown to the dedicated parking spaces for your hall, and from here you can unload all of your belongings.

Moving into accommodation

When you arrive at your accommodation there will be lots of friendly fresher helpers to give you a hand moving your belongings. Fresher helpers are students who have volunteered to help you during freshers, so make the most of the extra pairs of hands and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your first few weeks here are likely to be pretty busy, so it’s best to unpack and get settled as soon as possible.

Meeting flatmates

Each hall has a dedicated arrival day, meaning all your flatmates will be moving in on the same day. While unpacking, it’s a good idea to keep your door open – it will make you much more approachable and shows that you’re happy for people to come and have a chat. If you need some advice on meeting your flatmates, have a read of our icebreaker activities for flatmates.

Hall Induction

On your first day here you’ll have an induction with your hall where you’ll be given important information, such as phone numbers of the hall warden and sub-wardens who are there to help you with anything from welfare issues to getting locked out. You’ll also hear about the plan for freshers and meet your hall committee (returning students who help to run your hall).

Academic inductions

Within the first few days here you’ll also have an academic induction where you’ll be given lots of key information about your course. It’s also a great opportunity to meet people on your course before lectures begin. Take a look here to find out the date and time of your induction.

Freshers week

Freshers week is an exciting time filled with lots of events. As well as nights out, there are also plenty of daytime activities to get involved in. The Activities Bazaars are held on the 28th and 29th of September and are where you can find out about everything you can get involved in during your time here, such as societies and sports clubs. Your hall will also organise lots of events throughout freshers such as movie nights and volunteering projects.

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