Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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Making Loughborough your home before you get here

So, this time last year I received a silver envelope through the letter box from Loughborough with a card in that was the beginning of this whole experience, which is actually insane, looking at how far I’ve come and developed as a person already.

Preparing for those lingering exams

Stressed about your upcoming A-Level exams? Well it’s time to read the following blog, then get offline and stop the procrastination!

A Non-Sporty Guide to Living at the ‘Sporty’ University

During my most recent conversations with parents and prospective students, I have encountered the following questions: ‘How intimidating is sport in Loughborough?’ ‘Will I be a misfit here if I am not as sporty?’ ‘How does one survive if they have zero inclination towards sport?’

Breaking the creative careers stereotype

Panicked about a career in the creative industry? Heard that stereotype of “It’s hard to make it as a creative”? Read my tips below on how it is possible!

To my ladies at Loughborough

In the light of International Women’s Day, it’s only right to celebrate women at Loughborough. Women in what can sometimes be perceived to be a man’s world.

Diving headfirst into University

My Loughborough experience has been one of excitement and growth.  I’m very much an introvert so University originally seemed very daunting for me as I struggle to start conversations with new people. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

My home away from home

One semester into my course and I can’t fathom how my last four months at Loughborough University just flew by. And this journey has been incredible!   

From applicant to undergraduate!

Coming to Loughborough has been a huge emotional rollercoaster; but one that I’m loving absolutely every second of.