Loughborough Student Life

Loughborough Student Life

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My International Experience: Luqman

Almost three years have gone by since I started as a student in Loughborough University without me realising it. I guess this is the perfect time to go back down memory lane. 

My International Experience: Lety

Moving away from home is hard, but moving away from across the pond is even harder; but, fear not, you’re not alone.

A Year in Enterprise: Being a full time Designer/Illustrator 

Until recently, the ‘Year in Enterprise’ option as a placement year was only for students studying a Business subject. Luckily, I discovered it had become an option for ANY student to apply and began my investigations into this ‘mysterious year of wonderful possibilities’.

What made my 2018 so special

2018 was an eventful year for me, many things happened- from starting my second year at University, to going to Colombia to visit my boyfriend. I think a yearly review is always important to reflect and hopefully you can gain an insight as well. 

Reflecting on my year

This blog marks a year since I started blogging for Loughborough, and as cliché as this may seem, time really has flown by! It scares me to think that I am approaching the half way mark for my degree.

Conferences, Comedy and Culture!

As I reflect on the last year at Loughborough University, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and adventures I’ve had as part of the Loughborough Family.