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Drawing Research of the Webb Age Scope

11 August 2022

1 min

Edwin Van Gorder

Emerging ideas that remain to find focus withing the cosmological drawing research of the Webb age now – dawning pertain greatly to finding within that Bose Einstein concentrate implicated in the cooling of the the Webb-scope instruments that existing tension between plasma and dark radiation as embedded mathematical dimensions by which; to begin with :the conditions of experience simultaneous to phenomenon of physics and mind find resource. This resource being brought to mind span in quick succession the recent solution of the three bodies problem by which the velocity of two find the third as their implicate whole, correspondingly the erratic forms of circulating three body black holes, the tertiary structure enabling the recent invention of quantum fluids, the closer study of magnetars as generating weak magnetic fields which quantum leap in strength as thereby mathematical dimensions and the single atom cloud around special black holes which contain a “weak “ copy of information implicating within the emergent analysis of gravity waves the kink of pulsar information the magnetars suggest is forthcoming…


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