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Smithson./Duchamp:Duchamp Smithson Anastrophic Pause

23 December 2021

2 mins

Edwin VanGorder

Or Korai Anastrophe (stepping aside)) in that:
One may see in Heraclitus’ “ fated necessity “ that nature obeys nature and corresponding “I went in search of myself” the one off of Duchamp’s “Wanted”…(poster)…

: Repeated dialectically in the Smith Duchamp /Duchamp Smith conversation Smithson you are an alchemist: /Duchamp :Yes
Thus the Duchamp Smithson/Smithson Duchamp enantiomorphic mirror was paused in Duchamp’s answer in which the agreement was left open rather than closed and a demonstration of sorts verbally of how matter and anti-matter may have in a residual equilibrium that extra we recognize to the universal constant and in that slight plasma the chiasma linking crystal and mud between trope and entropy per Duchamp and Smithson…

: The elements of the Glass were very directly expropriated from Davinci studies as a tricolon of specific codex sheets on Statics/Gravity/and Rotary motion which were prompted in the spirit of the times interest in testing beams.
DaVinci’s own response was to create the Virgin of the Rocks as a view testing interior and exterior reality placed yet again as a painting within a drawing so to speak in the Adoration of the Maggi drawing which was as a presentation drawing to himself…from himself…
Duchamp appears to have been intent on creating a primordial link between “vertical”, “virginal” and “virtual” paraphrased perhaps in the female fig leaf sculpture (a female urinal blocked out and in the either/ or syntax elevating to view the it is or is not of science to the view Penrose in translating Duchamp forwards in black hole physics places the intervention by which “ or” is from the rhetorical root Iora or riddle which has a another level then as “problema” or more complex “lemma” consideration ultimately found in the complex numbers we may extrapolate briefly of symploce complexio sympleptic and asymptotic renditions of DE Sitter and and Non de sitter space and thus in the end also borrowing into those Davinci studies the phrase “ cosmic censorship” which certainly seems expropriated from Duchamp himself!)…
: in summary the Story of H or that level of equilibrium harbored in emphasis and exhortation subsumed within yet again an equilibrium or hypsos like a vacuum drawing sail and wing…


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