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Making your first year count towards your career

Being a student at Loughborough gives you a competitive edge when it comes to employers. We are consistently in the top 20 universities targeted by the UK’s top recruiters.

Societies Feature – Scandinavian Society

This week, for our second ‘society feature’, we’ve been speaking to Linnea from the Scandinavian Society. We have lots of great societies for you to join while you’re here at Loughborough, so we’ve taken this opportunity to speak with them to see what they’re all about. What is the Scandinavian society about?

LSU Darts: best new society of 2015

Want to get involved with an up-and-coming society? The fun and sociable LSU Dart Society, Winner of Best New Society 2015, might be right up your street!

Societies feature – Disney Society

With over one hundred different societies at Loughborough, we have everything from Hindu, Hiking, and Surfing to Shakespeare, DJ , and Dodgeball; so you’re sure to find a LSU society to suit you!

Welcome to the Library

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to explore what the campus has to offer – including the library.  

Free IT software available to students

Throughout your university career, you’ll grow to love the word ‘free’. Fortunately, if you’re joining us as a student at the university, there’s a bunch of free software you can tap into, all thanks to our IT Services team.

3 reasons why you should join a society

There’s no denying that societies are a key part of student life here on campus, and at Loughborough University we have over 100 societies for you to choose from. So there really is no excuse not to join a society.